Upcoming events and recent news


Sept 20, 2019 Celebrating Care (Wellcome Trust)

This will be an opportunity to hear first-hand about our plans for innovative new research that will bring together archaeology, anthropology, and history to support contemporary family carers. There will also be a Q&A with the research team and refreshments. In the evening we will launch new public artwork for the project by Leo Jamelli. Location: Exeter Phoenix, Exeter UK


Nov 21, 2019 AAA/CASCA (Vancouver)

“Doing Time: Age(ing), Care, and the Carceral Continuum” (4:15-6pm) I will speak about my current research on older ex-offenders in Japan.


Nov 27, 2019 Declining Fertility and Ageing Population in East Asia: Then and Now

Universtiy of Manchester, Dr. Aya Homei Organizer


Past events and other newsworthy bits

Sep 12, 2009 “What can we learn about dwelling from older ex-offenders in Japan and the UK?” Enhancing Housing Affordability and Social Care in Japan and the UK: Comparative Evaluation of Policy and Practice, (AHRC-ESRC) Oxford Brookes University

Sept 9, 2009 Borders of habit and the challenge of transformation for ex-offenders in Tokyo, Japan, HSS Research Conference, Oxford Brookes University

Jan 18, 2019 Frail aesthetics and slow life: personhood and longevity in Japan. Perspectives on Frailty: Risk and Lived Experience, University of Liverpool

Nov 24, 2018 Love and Imagination that Transcends Death 死を超越する愛と想像力Death and Life Studies in East Asia: Hyper-Aging and Dying. International Symposium of Thanatology. Tokyo University.

Dec 9, 2017 Care as emotion and ethics: toward a cross-cultural comparative approach. Thinking about an Anthropology of Care, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka

Nov 30, 2017 roundtable organizer 'Aged Subjectivities: Making and unmaking personhood across the life course', Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C.

Oct 14, 2017 presenting a paper titled 'In the shadow of gratitude: ageing, dependence, and subjectivity in Japanese families' at Subjects and Subjectivities of Care, UCL

Aug 4-6, 2017 Enhancing Life! A Public Interdisciplinary Conference. University of Chicago

Jun 8-9, 2017 10th Biennial AAGE Conference "Culture, Commitment, and Care" (organizer)

Apr 27, 2017 presenter 'Being Together: Carer Narratives in Japan and the UK,' European Network of Ageing Studies Conference, Graz, Austria

Feb 9-10, 2017 British Academy Conference Vulnerability and the Politics of Care (co-organizer and presenter)

Jan 27, 2017 'Endurance and Fatigue', UK-Japan Seminar on the Politics and Practices of ‘Low-Fertility and Ageing Population’ in Post-War Japan academics/Conference, University of Manchester

Nov 16-20, 2016 Care and the Desire for Death, Meeting of the American Anthropological Association,Minneapolis, USA

July 20-23, 2016 European Association of Social Anthropology Conference, co-organizer and presenter, Re-conceptualizing kinship and relatedness in and Ageing World, Milan, Italy

July 4-14, 2016 Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation Media-Content Research Project Summer Program, Animating Life at University of Tokyo

May 31, 2016 Keynote speaker, Narratives of decline: the changing patterns of death and aging in contemporary Japanese religions’ workshop, University of Manchester

Apr 17-20, 2016Broken Narratives and the Lived Body, at Monash University, Prato Centre, Italy

Mar. 14, 2016Conference of the Anthropological Association of Ireland, Caring Cultures/Cultures of Care

Mar. 2, 2016 My article "Hope in an ageing Japan: transience and transcendence," published in Contemporary Japan

Feb. 26, 2016BSA Ageing Body and Society Conference, University of Manchester

Feb. 11, 2016    UCL Medical Anthropology seminar 

Jan. 21-2 2016 Co-organized and presented at Vulnerability and the Politics of Care 2-day workshop, Oxford Brookes University

Dec. 24, 2015A short response piece I wrote on on aging and abandonment in the Croatian journal Ethnological Forum (click here)

Dec. 17, 2015 A blog post and interview about my latest research was posted by the Enhancing Life Project (click here).

Nov. 26, 2015 My acceptance as President-Elect of the Association of Anthropology, Gerontology and the Life Course (AAGE) (click here)

Nov. 20, 2015 Presented at the Caring Matters conference in Oxfordshire (click here)

Oct. 30, 2015Guest presenter at the Ashmolean Museum "Dead Friday" event

Sep. 28, 2015 Somatosphere.net published a post I wrote for their series on The Ethnographic Case (click here)